Ammonium sulphate fertilizer

Specifications according to E.S No. 146/2004

White Crystals                                        (from 0.5 – 3.0 mm)

Nitrogen content                                    20.6 % min

Free acidity (as H2 SO 4)                     0.05 % max

Moisture                                                   0.3 % max

Sulphur                                                     24 % min


  • Supply the plant with nitrogen element which is one of the essential macro- nutrients.
  • Increasing Vegetation.
  • Required for plant in different growth stages.
  • Supply the plant with Sulphur element
  • Due to its acidic nature used for neutralizing alkalinity and conditioning of the alkaline agricultural soil.
  • Easy to mix with super phosphate and potassium sulphate fertilizers.
  • For its high solubility in water used in fertigation systems.
  • Used for all crops, fruits and vegetables.