compound fertilizer

Grayish color in granular form( from 1-5 mm)

Nitrogen                                      2 % min

P2O5 soluble in citrate           18.0 % min

P2O5 soluble in water            16 % min

Moisture                                   4% max

Free acidity as P2 O5              3 % max

Sulphur                                     10.0 % min

Calcium                                     18.0 % min


  • Supply plant with nitrogen and phosphorous elements which are essential macro- nutrients.
  •  Supply plant with calcium and Sulphur.
  •  Fasting plant roots in soil and strengthens them against pests.
  • Giving plant more opportunity for carrying out its biological functions including sprouting, vegetation growth and crop ripeness.
  • Represents the ideal conditions for decreasing both alkalinity and salinity of the soil to be reclaimed and improving productivity of cultivated lands.
  • preferably used in both desert and calcareous soils.
  • Used as slow release fertilizers.
  • Treated to mix with nitrogenous fertilizers without any hydrolysis or crackling.